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John Oliver FTW!!

His show has crashed websites, boosted donations and inspired legislation

Some might find it hard to believe that a comedian is making some pretty big waves all over the world, but John Oliver is really making a difference. For those who looked to Jon Stewart for a voice of reason, John Oliver has taken a page out of that book and then ran around the world shedding light in dark corners with little restraint, thanks to HBO. He transcends any political agenda to deliver effective journalism. That’s right, journalism. Although produced in a satirical format, there is nothing funny about the issues that he passionately defends. Not convinced? The proof is in the puddin’ folks. If you haven’t watched Last Week Tonight yet, find someone with an HBO GO account ASAP and see for yourself how he has shaken things up a bit. In the meantime, enjoy this link 🙂

Source: How the ‘John Oliver Effect’ Is Having a Real-Life Impact

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